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About PropX

"Inspiring Entrepreneurs from Brokers to Business Ownership"

At PropX we are passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs from brokers to business owners and creating world-class real estate companies.

We also believe that the traditional real estate office model is changing. It's not about big brands and large fancy offices where the company takes half, or sometimes more of your hard-earned commissions.
We believe it's about the person, the broker, and helping them achieve more. More time, more freedom, and more of their hard-earned commission.

PropX was built and designed for high-achieving agents who have worked hard to build and nurture their own client base and network. Those who don’t rely on the traditional old-style forms of lead generation and property portals or their company to generate their leads.

At PropX we are not a brokerage; we are an innovative and tech-driven company that puts all the essential services and solutions together to help entrepreneurs on their start-up journey. We then carry on helping with back-end services and technology and help each and every one of our partners grow to become a world-class real estate company.


Patrick Hayden

Founder & CEO

Meet Patrick, a dynamic thinker and expert in the realm of Dubai property, serving as both a seasoned real estate agent and the visionary Founder and CEO of PropX, a ground-breaking company headquartered in the vibrant city of Dubai. With a mission to reshape the conventional real estate brokerage landscape, Patrick's brainchild, PropX, empowers entrepreneurial agents to transcend the norm and help forge their paths as business owners in this ever-expanding Dubai property industry.


From the inception of PropX, Patrick's vision and out-of-the-box thinking have been the driving force behind its remarkable journey. Seamlessly intertwining strategy with unparalleled passion and energetic leadership, Patrick stands at the helm of a group that continually redefines the boundaries of excellence and reshapes the future of the Dubai real estate industry. Fuelled by a network of cultivated business minds, Patrick’s role as CEO propels PropX into new territories of success and innovation.


Beyond PropX, Patrick is a dedicated husband and father of two, a keen traveler, a passionate thoroughbred racing enthusiast, and a true believer in the vision, growth, and future of Dubai. Balancing his unwavering visionary goals and ambition with his desire to see others succeed and reach their own goals and dreams, Patrick wants every PropX partner to be the best they can be in work and life. Patrick started PropX to help others and build a network of like-minded people to achieve more.


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Office 118, Building 4, Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai, UAE

Our Client Testimonials

"I wasn't sure if I would ever find a house big enough for me and my family but now thanks to your amazing..."

Alan Sample

Our Client Testimonials

"My family and I love our new home. The view is amazing, for the first time we have our own laundry,..."

Our Client Testimonials

"Penny was outstanding! We received ten thousand more than we had hoped for our home thanks to her negotiation..."

Larry Sample

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